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Exposure: A key ingredient for success

Posted on 12/22/2020 by Matt Hudson

So, this might make you a little uncomfortable. 

When no one is watching, how well do you perform, at life?  

Do you stay up late watching TV, quickly turning it off when someone is entering the room?  Do you sneak ice cream or cookies when everyone has gone to bed?  

If you are having friends over for a little holiday cheer; do they enter a home with dirty counters and an unvacuumed floor?  Or do you clean like your judgmental mother-in-law is coming over? 

When we are not exposed to others, we can hide our secrets, our vices, our dirty laundry; we can hide the best version of ourselves. Sitting around lazily in an undisciplined environment wishing our pants fit and the house was clean. 

But, when someone else is watching, when we are exposed to the presence of others, we push a little harder, clean a little more, eat a little better. 

Exposure is not about accountability. Your mother-in-law can’t fine you because your house is dirty. 

Exposure is about creating circumstances where we are called to behave in a way that represents the best version of ourselves. 

Let me be clear, the best version, of ourselves

This is not about trying to please other people with your identity; this is about being you, just not the cookie-eating TV watching version of you. Because, somewhere inside you know that is not who you want to be. For you. 

This is about the life you want. The person you want to be. Not because you are seeking approval from others. 

Because it’s better. 

It’s better to have money and abundance, than not. It’s better for your mind to be clear and body to feel good, than not. It’s better for your house to be clean and your spirit free, than not. 

It’s better to have a healthy business, full of eager clients in anticipation of a beautiful relationship with you, than not. 

We all have two people inside us. The one that hides from the magic that life has to offer and the one that performs, creates results and experiences the beauty. 

Exposure in real estate is about deciding it’s time to stop the excuses for the business you are running. 

Exposure is about courageously surrounding yourself with people who perform, uncommonly. 

Exposure is a commitment to sharing how you are showing up. 

What if exposure has you doing the same production, but providing a better service? What if you already have a team and are just a better leader? Or maybe it’s time for you to behave in a way that produces the results you want. 

Exposure works. And you have the power to create it, today. 

You can create your own exposure by teaming up with a couple people in your office. Share your behaviors; everything stems from our behaviors. Read books, together. Make phone calls, together. Create real estate reviews, together. Throw parties, together. 

And share your results, every week. Referrals. Size of your pipeline. New active clients. Income. It’s an environment in which you might be uncomfortable for a little while, but soon you’ll begin to thrive in it. But, you have to overcome your fear being greater than your dreams. 

Or, as you sit on the couch, hope that your pants will one day, magically fit. 

Need some case studies?

There is a reason why the average agent income at CHR is over $223,000. Yes, we have many tools and resources that add rocket fuel to an agent’s performance but, it all comes down to the individual deciding to embrace their talent. Talent rises in an environment of exposure. 

  • Case 1: Agent joined CHR in July of 2019 having never made more than $350,000 in a year. In 2020 this person has made well over $1mm. 12 months. Exposure. And exceptional commitment. 
  • Case 2: How about the former teacher who had never made more than $55,000 a year and just changed her life and her family’s life by trusting the process. She made $145,000 in 2020 and now believes she is capable of more freedom and abundance than ever dreamed. 
  • Case 3: Long term experienced professional embracing exposure around the fundamentals of her business, going from $565,000 in 2019 to $750,000 in 2020. 
  • Case 4: Agent owned her own brokerage business for 20 years. Embraced the fundamentals and accepted the culture of exposure, almost $300,000 in first 12 months. 

From our top performers to those building their business, they are willing to be exposed. It’s part of the culture they demand, because they are demanding the best from life. 

Exposure demands that of you.