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How Talent Holds You Back

Posted on 10/14/2019 by Matt Hudson

In the realm of sports, the answer is pretty obvious: sheer talent + hard work is the winning formula. For the rest of us mere mortals who are not getting paid millions to hit home-runs or create or make touchdowns … how much of a difference does talent make? 

I submit that talent is actually an unconscious negative for many people. 

How is that possible you say!?

Because talent can do just about anything. And thus, talent tries to do everything.

Is “EVERYTHING” what you should be doing?

Is “EVERYTHING” the best use of your time?

Is “EVERYTHING” the greatest contribution to your business, your health, your family?

Likely, no.

People who aren’t exceedingly talented can and do achieve tremendous results. 



They have learned to utilize the resources available to them to produce, achieve and deliver more than the average. They empower others. They pay for assistance. They actually eliminate their weaknesses rather than put exhaustive effort into doing things at which they are not good and/or don’t love. They are then freed up to focus their energy on doing only the things they can do and they learn to do those things exceedingly well.

Talent works hard. 

Leverage works smart.

Don’t misunderstand. You ARE talented. It’s about determining the most important ways your talent can be applied …

Ready to live the life and run the business you want? 

Find a way to eliminate the rest. 

Find your leverage. 

It may not happen overnight, but recognize you are simply developing a new skill that is uncomfortable … the skill of knowing you don’t need to do it all.

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