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Start Q2 Off Right By Adopting These Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Habits

Posted on 03/30/2021 by Matt Hudson

In previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of daily habits. It doesn’t end with just your daily rituals, however. Having a routine for what you do in your business daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly will powerfully impact the consistency and reliability of your business. Like your daily rituals, weekly habits will evolve as your career evolves. When you reflect on how your business performed in Q1 of this year, what would you do differently as we move into Q2 to help you better achieve your goals? Are you consistent in your habits, or does your routine change depending on the circumstances of your environment? What we recommend below will help a new agent build a business quickly.


  1. 2 face to face real estate reviews
  2. 2 open houses
  3. Homebot home value updates
  4. Update your pipeline
  5. 50 face to face or voice to voice touches with sphere, prospective clients, active clients or random strangers

Do not let this simple list fool you. It takes a commitment and a belief that the results will come. This methodology isn’t about selling a house today, it is about building relationships to which you add value. From this, opportunities will come.

Having said that, don’t let your activities be limited by ONLY doing the above. Send market formation, make social media posts, throw parties, hold a weekly business to business meeting, write a blog and do videos to educate. Pay attention to what others do and then make this yours by engaging in a way that is exciting and pushing the envelope for you.


Now it’s simple. You have your weekly habits down, so monthly and quarterly is a piece of cake!

  1. Send Market Stats to your entire database
  2. Send a zip code report to every person in your database
  3. Assess your last 30 day business and activity plan
  4. Design a new 30 day business and activity plan
  5. Write an article about the real estate business or copy and paste an article written on your behalf
  6. Share the monthly digest of blog posts your company has written with your database and write your own commentary, share your perspective
  7. Invite people to Facebook live topics and forward previously recorded video


  1. Call every single person in your database and engage in a FORD call. If you cannot have that call with someone they don’t belong in your database.
  2. Write an email about Homebot and wealth management associated with real estate.
  3. Invite your clients to an upcoming consumer education class.
  4. Assess the health of your business and the effectiveness of your engagement. Determine if you are killing it, just on track or need a kick in the pants.

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