Be A Better Agent

The Real Estate Professional of the Future

Posted on 01/18/2021 by Matt Hudson

Billions of dollars are going into one initiative in real estate right now, making you irrelevant. 

Big tech and Wall Street dollars believe they can capture the hearts of consumers through shiny objects, search portals and big promises. 

They are right. And you cannot compete with them. Not head-to-head at least. 

The majority of consumers are sick of how our industry shows up.

Some of us are great. 

Most are terrible. Most can’t be bothered to return a phone call. 

That’s the current value proposition of our industry. 

The majority of our industry deliveries a discount service at a full-service price. Most of our industry doesn’t deserve to have a real estate license. 

If you are one of those people, your clients will be gone. Maybe not tomorrow, but it is coming. It’s happening in every industry.


If you are committed to being a professional, if you are committed to investing in people and delivering value, you will never be replaced by a shiny logo or search engine. 

It all starts with differentiation and a value proposition tailored to the customer you want to delight. 

In our industry, consumers don’t care about the size of a company or how many billions of dollars they have; they care about themselves. Consumers want to know that a human being knows and cares about them, and can help them make the best decisions, be their advocate.  

That’s it, it’s that simple. 

But, it is no longer about being a great agent during a transaction or convincing people of your value at the time of a transaction. 

To evolve in real estate, you need to invest in people over time. Deliver so much value month over month, year over year,  that when it comes time to buy and sell or refer, they are a champion of you.  

Our belief; focus on deepening relationships, deliver value and demonstrate expertise with everyone you know, when no transaction is on the line.  

That is the professional of the future. 

It’s just a philosophy, but one that makes what we do special. 

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